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Posted by viznine | 2:12 PM

Do you hate HTML, and you have been looking for a way to get round it then don’t bother any more, for here is the revolution you have been waiting for. It’s called BLOG.

Yes blog, a dream come true for people like me who like to keep things simple and don’t fancy HTML. Blog, it’s so simple that if you know how to operate a computer you can almost start to blog within minutes of your connecting to internet.

So what is a blog? A blog is short for webloging, it’s a personal journal that is frequently updated for public viewing.

Blogs are a great way for others to follow the workings and thinking of your mind, it allows your members to get to share and comment on issues or ideas that you posted on your blog page, and it is so simple to set up that within minutes of your log in you can be up and running your blog without sweat.

Blogs can either be Hyper active or interactive. Hyperactive blogs are blogs that have links to web sites and web masters, the blogger will use the blogs to make comments about certain and views about products or things that catch his fancy and the blog roll will be linked to that website through the blog’s address. Hyperactive blogs are a great way of spreading propaganda for political or other forms of thinking, while Interactive blogs will be a commentary made open by the blogger to allow the members of the blog roll post comments and views on issues as discussed by the blogger.

Finally these simple words need to be cleared :

A blogger is the owner of a blog page who controls everything about the blog he sends out comments and gets replies from his blogroll.

A blogroll is the community of people that that are on the blogger’s list.

So go ahead and blog for all your worth.

Till then happy blogging....!

  1. 3oltan 09:21  

    I like my blog and I like HTML)))

  2. viznine 12:31  

    same like me dude...

  3. Newsoul 13:36  

    For me, bloig's the way to tell my mind, my soul, my contemplations to others. It's groovy, enjoyable.

  4. Farrukh Iftikhar Siddiqui 14:21  

    I found your blog much informative,Great work done by you. keep blogging & give us more post like this.
    With loce from pakistan.

  5. viznine 01:13  

    Thanks dude.. :) I'll keep blogging until the end. :)

  6. viznine 01:14  

    I totally agree with you Newsoul! Happy blogging.. :)

  7. thesuz 23:30  

    If you set your blog as private, is it really "private". I mean, can it be googled or looked up another way?

  8. viznine 08:14  

    I got what you mean. Yes you can be google up by search engine indeed. :)

  9. Subhadeep 05:59  

    how to upload pdf docu in blog?

  10. Admin@Nuvent 16:18  

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