Insect pics (4)

Posted by viznine | 12:00 PM

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

  1. Cioara Andrei 12:15  

    Foarte interesant ce ai postat.M-am uitat pe blogul tau si imi place ce am vazut chiar e frumos si interesant.Felicitari si sigur am sa mai revin!

  2. viznine 12:22  

    Can you translate it to english? I don't understand at all Cioara Andrei.

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  5. viznine 12:26  

    Thank you for your complement. I'll surf to your blog soon. Happy blogging to you as well.

  6. Anonymous 12:27  
  7. viznine 12:32  

    Ok Rui Sousa. I'll visit it later. Thanks.. :-)

  8. viznine 12:33  

    Merci to you also Anonymous.

  9. Donatella 12:51  

    very nice photos

  10. viznine 12:57  

    Thank you Donatella. You also can explore another nice photos from this blog..

  11. oyu 02:52  

    Nice to meet you~~!!
    It sees many times though it is grotesque!!!!!!!!!

    Surely, I like it!!!!!!!!

    Please come also to my blog by all means~~~!!!!(・д・)ノ"

  12. viznine 06:49  

    Nice to meet you as well. Thanks Oyu. I'll visit your blog later, all right?

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  15. viznine 14:31  

    Thank you fen.

  16. Sir Timothy 10:12  

    Hey viznine! Just came across your blog, and I love the pictures I've seen so far! I find it hard to believe this one's a real insect. It looks like a cross between a grub, a praying mantis, and a butterfly.

    I'm gonna go check out more of your pictures!

  17. viznine 10:58  

    Thanks Sir Timothy for dropping by my blog.. Take care sir.. :)

  18. laranti 04:58  

    You have a very amazing and beautiful photos. i love it.

  19. viznine 13:33  

    Thanks Laranti.

  20. Tarra Slovan 17:03  

    Cool or crazy. Those insects have tripped me out!

  21. viznine 18:25  

    It's up to you. LOL! :D

  22. Mariah Kinnley 00:25  

    Boy that bug is CREEPY!

  23. viznine 08:55  

    Mariah Kinnley } hahaha! ;D