Insect pics (5)

Posted by viznine | 6:58 AM

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

  1. Anonymous 07:56  

    Good photographs

  2. J2M0A0C8 08:06  

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  3. viznine 08:14  

    Thanks Anonymous... :)

  4. viznine 08:17  

    All right then.. Thank you J2M0A0C8..

  5. 42nd parallel 10:57  

    very nice pics, just wathced Microcosmos and then got here...hehe, when you say coincidence

  6. viznine 11:04  

    Ok 42nd parallel..

  7. ΜΑΜΑ ΒΙΚΥ 13:54  


  8. viznine 13:57  

    Thanks Mama Biky.

  9. Gary Rivera 16:22  

    heeeey!! jejejeje a frog it's not an insect!!

    Good photos by the way!!

    Awesome BLOG!!!!

  10. viznine 00:00  

    Thanks for the correction Guy Rivera..

  11. Other Side 00:07  

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  12. viznine 00:12  

    Have a nice day to you as well.. :-)

  13. anchan 10:24  

    Your photos are amazing - what a talent!

  14. viznine 10:30  

    Sorry anchan. Not my photos dude. For your information, my friend gave it to me. So i published it here for you and others to see it. Such a nice photos.

  15. JoolzGirl 10:53  

    Wow, great photographs! Your friend looks like they are a professional.

  16. viznine 10:57  

    Thanks JoolzGirl..

  17. Mrsupole 11:01  

    I was on another blog and hit "next blog" and got yours, really great pictures no matter who took them. Will save your site so when grandkids come over I can show the pictures to them. They will really like them as much as I did. So please say thank you to whoever took them and I want to say "thank you" to you for posting them.

  18. viznine 11:06  

    Your welcome Mrsupole. Great to know you want to show it to them. Have a nice day...

  19. Anonymous 11:43  

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  20. viznine 12:05  

    Thank you for that. I'll reply it later...

  21. SABALE 13:31  

    very nice this photos

  22. Lob Eng 15:11  

    crawlers isn't my cup of tea though the picture is awesome.

  23. viznine 15:19  

    Thanks dude...

  24. viznine 15:28  

    ok TT..

  25. cojie 15:48  

    yeah!amat2 cute..
    tp kawe tok gemar binate kecik2 nieh..
    terutamo serangge..
    geli ouh.

  26. viznine 15:59  

    thanks cojie..always visit my blog ok?

  27. lightdew 16:11  

    your photos are very interesting! :)

  28. viznine 23:31  

    Thanks lightdew.

  29. L@ Negr@ 23:45  

    que es ese insecto¡¡¡¡¡¡

  30. viznine 23:51  

    Can you translate it to English L@ Negr@?

  31. agreablement 12:20  

    passo per caso nel tuo blog
    un saluto from Italy, ciao

  32. faridah 12:21  

    this insect look like a thumb...great!

  33. Marko 13:27  

    Nice photos!
    I also love to take photos of insects.

    If you are interested you can check out some of them on my blog:

    Keep blogging!

  34. viznine 14:50  

    Thanks you so much agreablement, faridah and Marko.

  35. Puça 16:08  

    Amazing pics

  36. JRP 12:45  

    beautifull blogs... its very nice...

    visit my blog

  37. viznine 12:55  

    Thanks Puca and JRP. Happy blogging!