Insect pics (6)

Posted by viznine | 2:35 PM

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

  1. Beyondlive91 15:05  

    Oh, Inconceivable Insects!

    just think i should check on you~


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  2. viznine 15:14  

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy Chinese New Year to you.. :)

  3. Photographe amateur 16:27  

    how incredible is nature ! your pics are really nice and shows us unbelievable view of insects... Colors are excelent, it seems that this insect is watching you but.. where is the head ??

    thanks to show this !

    Gilles (

  4. viznine 16:34  

    You're welcome Photographe amateur. Sharing is caring... :)

  5. lizzie 18:42  

    Great pictures!

  6. Michael 23:39  

    Way cool! Love the pictures!

  7. huntinggirl2186 23:43  

    bugs are not cute!!

  8. viznine 23:51  

    It's cool Michael.
    Thanks for the correction huntinggirl2186.

  9. Anonymous 07:17  

    q buena imagen

    visita mi pagina

  10. viznine 07:19  

    Ok i will..

  11. Kim 07:19  

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  12. viznine 07:20  

    All right Kim.. :)

  13. Alice 07:25  

    Awesome pictures!
    I really loved them, though i'm not a real fan of those little things lol

  14. Jack 07:47  

    de très belles photos, bravo

  15. viznine 07:49  

    Thanks Jack... :)

  16. Mrsupole 09:05  

    These are the coolest bug pictures that I have ever seen, I think I am surprised at how beautiful the bugs can look. I am sure if I ever came across one of them I would run from fear, but this might be changing my mind.

  17. Moon 10:22  

    prosecute the KID-KILLERS

  18. Zworg2 10:55  

    Wow, Stunning pictures.
    I take it they are all your own?
    If so, or if not, please post more.

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  19. viznine 11:12  

    No Zworg2..

  20. Anonymous 14:16  

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  21. free man 14:17  
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  22. faridah 14:21  

    this insect is very colorful! i like it !

  23. viznine 14:22  

    Thanks free man.. :-)

  24. viznine 14:25  

    It's really cool faridah!

  25. R2K 14:47  

    : )

  26. Anonymous 15:02  


  27. NEW ZEALAND AL 15:19  

    cool stuff

  28. Zworg2 15:25  

    But do you have any more?
    They are stunning.

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  29. viznine 15:35  

    I got the last part for you all to see it later dude.. :-)

  30. ........... 16:12  


  31. viznine 12:52  

    Thank you ........

  32. Ava Carey Photography 17:40  

    Amazing picture!
    The colors are really stunning

  33. Luis Portugal 17:49  

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    Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
    A hug from my country, Portugal

  34. viznine 18:01  

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  35. Ronda Laveen 07:25  

    I got to you from mrsupole. I read some of your finance blog and will read more when I have time. I tried to leave a comment on that one but was unable. So I came to check out this one. Nice.

  36. viznine 12:51  

    Thanks again Ronda Laveen.