Bathroom anyone?

Posted by viznine | 12:10 PM

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

Is this your bathroom? So nice, right?

  1. Crochet Fun Hub 21:50  

    I usually find that green color is diffcult to pleasing, but here the green bathroom is so fresh and nice, and impressive!

  2. viznine 07:46  

    Awesome bathroom we have here dude..

  3. Chandra's 11:32  

    really nice ....

  4. viznine 12:00  

    indeed Chandra.

  5. Anonymous 01:41  

    is that really a bathroom?? haha! where'd you get this mr. viznine? so cool! haha! wish i have that one too!

  6. viznine 02:04  

    It is bathroom, wazzupweb. I got this photos from my friend.

  7. tobayas 12:31  

    i think this kind of bathroom is done by angels...reallllllllly

  8. viznine 12:37  

    hahahaha! i don't think so. It doesn't done by angel. lol again.

  9. cami 17:57  

    I want a bathroom like that. like an office.

  10. viznine 18:02  

    me too.. :)

  11. faridah 09:42  

    I will take a bath whenever :-D

  12. viznine 11:51  

    As you wish faridah.. :)

  13. MS 12:21  

    i want this bathroom

  14. viznine 12:29  

    Go and ask your dad to order new one!

  15. Anonymous 15:53  

    I have lime green in my bathroom from the 1970's. Maybe it will come back in style again. Sigh.

  16. Anonymous 15:55  

    My bathroom sink is lime green from the 1970's. Maybe it's coming back in style again? I hope so!

  17. viznine 15:57  

    Nice to know that. Hopefully you can show us your pretty bathroom, alright?

  18. Sara Torres 04:06  

    So fashion

  19. jewels 16:55  

    wow !
    that is a pretty sweet bathroom !
    i actually thought it was a bedroom ? ahahaha ! :)

  20. viznine 17:05  

    I also thought it was a bedroom jewels. hahahaha! lol! :-)

  21. toink girl 13:15  


  22. viznine 13:24  


  23. due 04:22  

    really nice

  24. viznine 15:10  

    Indeed due..

  25. sticind 15:22  

    i think it just a presentation for our home to look beautiful n tidy..

  26. viznine 15:49  

    Totally wrong dude. It's actually somebody bathroom.

  27. 2009 Collections 01:51  

    very nice..

  28. Bhing 01:08  

    Wow! I love the set up of those two bathrooms.. I wish I have a bathroom like those.. hehe

  29. viznine 07:59  

    2009 Collections } awesome buddy!

    Bhing } hahaha! lol. You have to find expertise to design those bathrooms. :)

  30. 2009 Collections 08:15  

    do you have anything like green and pink ?...

  31. viznine 10:05  

    Sorry i don't have. I'll post another bathroom photos soon. :)

  32. The Logistician 02:35  

    Nice work. I came across your blog while “blog surfing” using the Next Blog button on the blue Nav Bar located at the top of my site. I frequently just travel around looking for other blogs which exist on the Internet, and the various, creative ways in which people express themselves. Thanks for sharing.

  33. viznine 07:34  

    You are welcome The Logistician. I do hope you'll come again and read my blog. Thanks for your visit. Have a nice day.

  34. Carliella 15:40  

    Hey!! These pictures are beautiful! My kid wants a blog...are they more for adults?

  35. viznine 17:14  

    No. You can't take this blog. You can only take the photos, alright? They're not meant for adults only. I hope you know it.. :)