Beautiful night sky...

Posted by viznine | 3:02 PM

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

  1. Pika Rock 17:34  

    very beautiful shots, the moon, venus n jupiter' smiling together

  2. Anonymous 01:44  

    you have lots of followers!! how'd you do that?? haha! when did u start blogging? u're so great!! wish i could have lots of followers too .....

  3. viznine 02:14  

    You're right Pick Rock. So beautiful..

  4. viznine 02:38  

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  5. 50 word stories 11:56  

    I got an idea wazzupweb :)

    Let's all just follow each other haha!

    (Nice pics too of course)

  6. viznine 12:06  

    Thanks 50 word stories. I got it from other blogs hahahaha! :)

  7. Suzhongwei 15:50  

    it's beautiful!!!!my English is poor,so i will use chinese say:加油!哈哈哈

  8. viznine 15:59  

    No problem Suzhongwei. Thanks for dropping by my blog. ;)

  9. Abiyasa 13:10  

    So beautiful. I wish I have a camera to capture such things. My current one is not so good...

  10. viznine 13:26  

    So you have to start collecting money and buy a good one, alright? :)

  11. Borja!! 12:49  

    Very goog Photo, you really you are an expert, congratulations!!

  12. viznine 14:59  

    Thank you Borja.. :)

  13. Parth Dave 06:35  


  14. viznine 15:12  

    What can i say is really beautiful, Parth Dave.

  15. Anonymous 11:56  

    Looks like God is smiling at beautiful.

  16. viznine 17:03  

    Thats what we call beautiful sky view. :)

  17. Rere Capulet 17:04  

    Gosh those are lovely skies
    love 'em!

  18. viznine 18:22  

    I love it too! :)