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  2. viznine 17:03  

    Thanks for that dude.. :)

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    Wow,, Nice Picture.. So art...

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    Awesome dude!

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    beautiful pics of your hands!
    very nice orangutan

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  9. viznine 12:11  

    Hi there.

  10. Mrsupole 09:13  

    Hi Viznine,

    Okay, at first I thought the hand was someone's leg, then I looked closer and saw it was a hand, I wish I could blame it on my drinking problem, but I don't really drink, except once in a great while. These are some of the best pictures on the net. Those artists have a fantastic imagination.

    Oh, I wrote why I do not eat fish any more. I am glad you like it. I am trying to eat more fruits and vegetables and nuts to improve my health. I know fish is also good for me but you can read my reason and let me know what you think.

    Take care and God Bless.

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  12. viznine 14:17  

    Yes, you are right. There are so many artists around the world but this drawings so nice and creative you know.

    That's good for you. Maybe it is your way to take care of your pet fish. Thanks for you comment.

    Take care and god bless you as well.

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    Thanks yeqi5. So cute baby on your blog.... ;)

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    wow thats realy creative ut also looks like my unkle tom!

  21. viznine 13:39  

    hehehe..really? You have to show this drawings to your uncle tom.. :)

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    Thanks everyone for your complement! :)

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    Teresinha } wowww!!