How to blog?

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It’s your own voice on the web. A blog is where you can collect and share things that you find interesting in almost the same way as you would on a ‘social networking site’ like Facebook, Bebo or Myspace. Good blogs might include a political commentary, personal diary, photos, music, videos and links to websites you want to remember. Look at blogs on The-Latest if you want some ideas.

What do you like or dislike in your everyday life? Does something piss you off or make you laugh? Turn your thoughts into a blog to which perhaps many a reader can relate.

Don’t just re-cycle what you’ve read somewhere unless you have a novel, interesting comment on it.

Many bloggers decide to use a blog to organize their thoughts, while others command influential, worldwide audiences of thousands because what they have to say makes people sit up and listen.

People’s voice
Blogs have reshaped the web, changed politics, shaken up journalism and enabled millions of people to have a voice and connect with others throughout the world. That why business leaders, politicians, top journalists and celebs have joined the internet’s merry band of bloggers

Foreign correspondent
Make a point of blogging when you travel abroad. Blogs from Latest.comers while they are abroad have provided fascinating insights into events in places like Darfur, in Africa, Lebanon, and Jordan, in the Middle East, and China. Observations while you are on holiday could be just as gripping.

Fame and fortune
A blog that everyone wants to read might provide you with your moment of fame and even make money for you. For instance, The-Latest sometimes offers cash prizes for the best blog on the site.

Spark a debate
You can receive instant feedback on your posts in the form of comments and sparked a fascinating debate with others on the web as well as make new friends.

Whatever you want to say, The-Latest can help you say it, with the aid of the professional journalists who sub-edit your contributions.

Link to past posts
If you are writing a post that mentions something related to what you have written before simply link to it, by typing the URL address, from within the post.

This helps to engage your reader by providing them with more related material that they are likely to be interested in.

Make headlines snappy

Grab the reader’s attention with a succinct headline. Look at national newspapers, especially popular tabloids, to see how they do it.

Be consistent with your style

Once you have settled on a style of writing or voice for your audience stick to it. Generally, people like to know what to expect.

Write a series
Writing a series of posts on a topic is a great way of increasing your reader’s length of stay on your blog.

Encourage comments
Ask questions of the reader at the end of each post. When a reader comments reply to the comment and try to keep the conversation going. Soon you will find other readers joining the conversation.

Edit and legal blogs
Before you hit the submit button check your facts, spelling and punctuation and cut out the material that you don’t really need. Alert the Editor to any legal concerns like possible libel or copyright infringement before you submit a post.

Be interactive
Readers will want to stay longer on a blog that is interactive. You can achieve this by starting a forum debate (see The-Latest forums) or conducting a quiz. You can also start a project and involve the reader.

Use pictures and sound
Images, still photographs, video and music, make the blog more interesting and can be integral to its.Thanks to Article Street

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