Stupid joke!

Posted by viznine | 12:35 PM

Reasons why I never visit my rich friend! Once while visiting a very rich friend, the maid approached me and.....

Question : What would you like to have...? Fruit juice, Soda, Tea, Chocolate, Capuccino, Frapuccino, or Coffee?
Answer : Tea please
Question : Ceylon tea, Indian tea, Herbal tea, Bush tea, Honey bush tea, iced tea or green tea?
Answer : Ceylon tea
Question : How would you like it? Black or white?
Answer : white
Question : Milk, or fresh cream?
Answer : With milk
Question : Goat's milk, or cow's milk
Answer : With cow's milk please.
Question : Freezeland cow or Afrikaner cow?
Answer : Um, I'll just take it black.
Question : Would you like it with sweetener, sugar or honey?
Answer : With sugar
Question : Beet sugar or cane sugar?
Answer : Cane sugar
Question : White, brown or yellow sugar?
Answer : Forget about the tea, just give me a glass of water instead.
Question : Mineral water, tap water or distilled water?
Answer : Mineral water
: Flavored or non-flavored?
Answer : I think I'll just die of thirst.

  1. Minka 13:18  

    And what would you prefer - burial or cremation? Burial in a tomb or ordinary grave? If cremated, should your ashes be buried in an urn or scattered somewhere nice? In the forest, over the ocean, in your backyard? And...

  2. viznine 13:29  

    I would prefer ordinary grave. How about you dude?And...

  3. Minka 13:31  

    I don't really care, but I guess I'd better leave some simple instructions for others to avoid such long discussions.

  4. chhavi 13:58  

    Ha Ha Ha
    Good one mink!

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  6. Mrsupole 20:19  

    Hi viznine,
    Jokes are good to post, just need to do them more often.

    Anyway you never answered my question about what is The-Latest and if there is a link.

    I was just still being curious.

    Plus I just did the letter "h" for my Sunday post. Did a poem about "Heaven" that you might like. Let me know.

    Take care and God Bless.

  7. viznine 23:32  

    Hi Mrsupole,
    I'll drop by your blog later.

    Thanks for your comment.

  8. Ariesvio 06:03  

    Intruduce my self...The secret of mathematics..Thank's

  9. mknace 15:11  

    it's true

  10. Nagarajan 15:27  

    After a long time I am smiling while I am infront of the computer. Thank you viznine.

  11. viznine 15:38  

    Ariesvio } You're welcome.

    mknace } Really true buddy.

    Nagarajan } You are welcome. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  12. j rilla 18:34  


  13. Vicky 18:46  


    well but it's good to know you have a lot of options... or nor?

  14. CHAMROEUN 03:42  

    Haha great, i like all

  15. RuthieLive 06:28  

    ha ha! funny!

  16. RuthieLive 06:29  

    ha ha

  17. bluetooth headphones 07:06  

    wow this is really funny...but sometime it happens such kind situation and people erritates a funny

  18. priandhani 08:36  

    hi, visiting you from Jakarta.

  19. Mrsupole 09:15  

    Hi Viznine,

    I just found out today that I got a comment of mine published in a paper in Australia, pretty cool huh. Pretty good for someone in the USA. Just wanted to share that with you.

    God Bless.

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  21. voguelande/com 10:18  

    Ha Ha Ha
    Good one!

  22. viznine 11:56  

    j rilla } lol again.

    Vicky } hahaha! no option dude.

    CHAMROEUN } hahaha really great.

    bluetooth headphones } lol funny again.

    priandhani } hi there.. :)

    Mrsupole } Thanks for the info.
    Always keep in touch with me, alright?

    vougelande/com } hahaha.. ;)

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  24. jessica 12:36  


  25. RT News 13:04  

    ;)) Funny) thnx

  26. viznine 13:20  

    Jessica } hahaha very funny.

    RT News } You're welcome. Thanks buddy.

  27. goooooood girl 16:13  

    your blog is feel good......

  28. Maria Sondule 23:35  


  29. Oronde Stephens 00:03  

    Two days in a row with classic jokes-keep it coming...loving following this blog!

  30. Anonymous 07:36  

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  31. Anonymous 12:34  

    Hey, sounds like taking order from a very posh restaurant by a well trained staff. Thumb up for the patience.

  32. zhaoxin[SERENA] 13:52  

    Hi viznine
    Glad to meet you !
    It is actually a funny thing

  33. viznine 15:00  

    goooooood girl } Thanks. :)

    Maria Sondule } lol too. ;)

    Oronde Stephens } Thank you for following my blog. I really appreciate it.

    SizeGenetics } Thanks for your comment. I'll keep blogging until the end.

    Anonymous } Hahaha! That's a challenge to take order from that customer you know. Thumbs up again!

    zhaoxin[SERENA] } Hi there. Glad to meet you as well. You are right dude. Take care and god bless.

  34. Mikes 15:03  

    i wanna die with him. rolf!

  35. viznine 15:17  

    Really Mikes?

  36. mommy4life86 06:07  

    That was a really funny joke. i needed that to lift my spirits up!! :)

  37. Anonymous 07:31  

    ha ha ..good one..:)

  38. viznine 12:08  

    mommy4life86 } hahahahaha! You got what you want.

    Kishore } so good.. :)

  39. Now and There 14:30  

    thirsty....too. 8)

  40. lunaticg 10:08  

    With all that question, I will be running away long time ago.
    thanks for the laugh my friend.
    See you around.

  41. viznine 10:11  

    See you again my friend.

    Take care and god bless.

  42. MANORHARY 05:58  

    NICE JOKE!! Thanks for a smile..

  43. viznine 00:11  

    You're welcome MANORHARY. :) Thanks for visting my blog.

  44. najeeb 01:37  

    lol....i guess that's what happens when you hve too many choices....good one though

  45. Iwan Kurniawan 06:28  

    do you have more jokes like that?

  46. viznine 10:30  

    najeeb } thanks man.. :)

    Iwan Kurniawan } Yes i have it. I'll post it later. :)

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  48. Foolish One 08:42  

    Nice one there..

  49. sakaigirl 08:42  

    Haha, funny! complicated rich life!

  50. viznine 08:58  

    sheri amor } hahaha!

    Foolish One } so nice. :)

    sakaigirl } you're right girl!

  51. Anonymous 04:18  

    bes blog in da wurl,i luv u guys ,cum ta my sho ok

  52. viznine 12:09  

    Thanks. You go girl!

  53. angel 07:32  

    nice one...thanks for finding time to make others laugh...

  54. angel 07:34  

    one more if i may ask..i want to be a follower of some bloggers like you but i don't know how to do it...if you may teach me also...i would really appreciate it...thanks

  55. viznine 16:27  

    It's simple. Just click on follow button under followers box if they provide it. Hey, you're in. :)

  56. Veronica 16:53  

    Ha ha ha...I loved this. Nice joke!

  57. eric blueeyes 06:49  

    nice joke and very funny to read ur comments!!!

  58. aditya_febrianto 09:27  

    hahahaha...thats so funny joke...

  59. Plam 12:02  

    now that's a little bizarre. funny but bizarre :)

  60. viznine 15:38  

    Veronica } hahaha! me too.. :)

    eric blueeyes } hi there. Thanks for reading my comments!!

    aditya_febrianto } hahahaha! really funny joke! :)

    Plam } wow! nice comment we have here.. :)

  61. Anonymous 12:12  

    that's ok !!!!

  62. abdullatif 12:55  

    You are lucky,I have not a rich friend.

  63. Monkey3281 14:48  

    Now, that would be annoying (but funny)

  64. Tourism and Travel 13:40  

    funny :d

  65. viznine 13:53  

    abdullatif } keep it up.

    Monkey3281 } right dude!

    Tourism_and_Travel } funny too :)

  66. ash 06:04  

    funny? hehehehehe

  67. viznine 12:20  

    Really funny.. hehehehe! :)

  68. Flame 13:09  

    You're right I would rather die

  69. Kevin Hendranata - Exionce 06:22  

    hahaha.. so funny guyss.. :D

  70. viznine 10:36  

    Flame } hahaha! Die like a hero.. :)

    Kevin Hendranata - Exionce } hahaha! of course it's funny... :)

  71. Anonymous 12:50  

    WoW!This joke is really stupid!But is really funny too!

  72. Anonymous 12:52  

    pls drop by my blog,thx!!!

  73. viznine 14:08  

    Thanks Anonymous. I'll drop by your blog later.. :)

  74. rajankathet 16:04  

    i just stopped by searching blogs and get to read the joke..hahahaa.... i enjoyed the conversation..... once my cousin went to tuition a rich man's child and face the similar moment....

  75. viznine 16:15  

    rajankathet } hahaha! Enjoy it my friend.. :)

  76. Bem. :) 06:37  

    FUNNY! hahaha. :))

  77. viznine 08:48  

    Funny too! hahaha!! :D

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  79. viznine 18:24  

    That's true Dani. ;)