The Stupid Test! Here Is A Fun And Real Challenge!

OK. Pay close attention. Here is a very simple little test comprised of four easy question to determine the level of your intellect. See if you have what it takes to be considered smart

Your replies must be spontaneous and immediate, with no deliberating or wasting of time . and PLEASE no cheating!

On your mark, get set, GO!

1: You are competing in a race and overtake the runner in second place.
In which position are you now?

Answer: If you answered that you're now in first,
you're wrong!

You overtook the second runner and took his place, therefore you are now in second place.

For the next question try not to be so dim.

2: If you overtake the last runner, what position are you now in?

Answer: If you answered second to last, you are wrong once again.

Think about it...
How can you overtake the person who is last? If you're behind them, they can't be last.You would have been last.

It would appear that thinking is not one of your strong points.
Anyway, here's another question to try. Don't take any notes or use a calculator, and remember, your replies must be instantaneous.

3: Take 1000. Add 40. Add another 1000.
Add 30. 1000 again. Plus 20.
Plus 1000. And plus 10.
What is the total?

Answer: 5000?
Wrong again!

The correct answer is 4100.
Try again with good calculator.

Today is clearly not your day, although you should manage to get the last question right...

4: Marie's father has five daughters:
1. Chacha
2. Cheche
3. Chichi
4. Chocho
5. ?

Question: What is the fifth daughter's name?
Think quickly... you'll find the answer below..

Answer: Chuchu?

It's obviously Marie!
Read the question properly.

You are clearly the weakest link.
Now challenge your friends!

  1. Minka 09:05  

    How come I heard the very SAME questions on the radio yesterday? And we don't even live in the same country...
    They are good, though - very tricky indeed!

  2. viznine 09:19  

    Hahaha! That was co-incidence Minka. Anyway that question really challenge your brain.. :)

  3. Yeah, Adeline 06:20  

    Ha ha- Love randomness. :0

  4. viznine 12:18  

    Me too.. :)

  5. Pu├ža 14:43  

    uh uh...just answered one right....

  6. Dri_Mar 17:09  

    Hahaha! I got them all right (after a lot of hard thinking) except the Marie one which proves that the inside of my brain is really blond!

  7. viznine 12:39  

    Puca } Nice try buddy. :)

    Dri_Mar } Congrats to u... :)

  8. Terraconvida 12:46  


  9. AmericanVoter 19:32  

    Good questions...I've already used them on my friends.

    Cool blog too!

  10. Anji 20:32  

    I'm even dumber that I thought I was!

  11. To Visit My 05:56  

    your blog is good good good......

  12. random guy 07:28  

    obama rules

    hippies rule save the trees

  13. viznine 10:32  

    Terracovinda } Thanks. :)

    AmericanVoter } You got it.

    Anji } Don't say like that. That's test only.

    To Visit My } Thank you so much. :)

    random guy } You guys great!

  14. DavidHill76 12:08  

    Just stopping by to say hello to my blogging neighbor!

  15. viznine 14:07  

    Hi DavidHill76. Thanks for visiting my blog.. :)

  16. InfoWebExplore 00:46  

    i still do not get it. the test is the questionaire above the post??

  17. InfoWebExplore 00:50  

    ha,,ok i got it,,,was just looking at commercial which was related to your post:)) i was wondering about the coincidence of being in dutch.

  18. Ilaina (: 06:41  

    i got two right! haha. they were hard thouhg. haha.

  19. Dan Covey 23:48  

    Question 2, if you pass the last runner, you should be in first place, since there are now no more runners to pass. For example if you were in fouth place and passed two runners you'd be in second place if you passed the last runner, you'd be in the lead.

  20. Ronda Laveen 04:58  

    I didn't do too bad. I love these brain trainers. Thanks,Viznine.

  21. Ronda Laveen 05:06  

    viznine: about Earth Day tomorrow. It is at 8:30 but is that p.m.? And what time zone? Any zone @ 8:30? Or a specific zone? I've posted it for a couple of weeks now on my site as I told you I would but do I need any more info? Please leave message at my site? Happy Earty Day! R

  22. viznine 05:53  

    You are welcome Ronda Laveen. I'll leave message to your blog later.. Thanks for taking part of this global event. Happy earth hour to you as well.. :)

  23. ivy 07:48  

    hehe,Iam all right except that 5000.i thought that because i readed some of them in chinese before.

  24. viznine 16:37  

    hehehe! nice try ivy.. :)

  25. 5252 00:57  

    that was a cool brain teazer. gotta send it to all the wanna be smart girls in my class. i owe one to u viznine.

  26. viznine 02:12  

    When you gonna pay me 5252? hahaha! I'm joking.. Enjoy reading my blog alright?? :)

  27. akakoli 02:23  

    great blog, I just came across it now. and I love tests like those.. D

  28. viznine 13:26  

    Thank you so much akakoli.. :)

  29. Anonymous 20:21  

    Just wanted to say I actually got all of those right, they're not all that challenging.

  30. Mohsen 00:53  

    Life is beauty, admire it.
    Life is bliss, taste it.
    Life is a dream, realize it.
    Life is a challenge, meet it.
    Life is a duty, complete it.
    Life is a game, play it.
    Life is a promise, fulfill it.
    Life is sorrow, overcome it.
    Life is a song, sing it.
    Life is a struggle, accept it.
    Life is a tragedy, confront it.
    Life is an adventure, dare it.
    Life is luck, make it.
    Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
    Life is life, fight for it...

  31. viznine 13:14  

    Anonymous } Congrats to you.. After this you can try your friends alright?

    Mohsen } Awesome buddy. Thanks for it. Life's good as well.... :)

  32. Anonymous 14:36  

    it was quiet tricky but i managed 3 rites except the last one

  33. viznine 14:41  

    Quite good. Nice try Anonymous.. :)

  34. Adelyn. 14:57  

    haha . i only got answers one and four correct . =D

  35. viznine 14:59  

    Good try Adelyn.. :)

  36. NAS 04:21  

    Damn! :( lol... nice one there :D

  37. MoxieDog 05:04  

    I am clearly an idiot.

  38. twelveandnine 05:38  

    If you overtake the person in last place, you are clearly the person who's in FIRST because you lapped them.

    Am I right?

  39. Anonymous 10:15  


  40. viznine 14:59  

    NAS } lol.. ;D

    MoxieDog } omg! Don't say like that to yourself.. hahahaha!! :)

    twelveandnine } Its right if both of you on the race.. :)

    Anonymous } LOL too.. :D

  41. SoulMate 06:47  

    very funny love the marias father question.

    surprising for me was i made the mathematics question right.

    reminds me on a test I did in school with time limit, first write ur name and date than read all questions. U are in hurry so u dont do. Later u find out if u would read all questions it would be ignore all questions make 3 X and turn the paper tell the teacher u are finish.

    and nice blog welcome to mine

  42. Unknown Habitant 07:54  

    I got all them right now what do you say abt me

  43. viznine 08:28  

    SoulMate } Thank you so much. I hope you can stopping my blog again..
    Take care and be happy always.. :)

    Unknown Habitat } Congratulations buddy! 100 marks for you! LOL.. :)

  44. Zoe 09:47  

    so funny.........

  45. viznine 10:58  

    hahaha! very funny.. :D

  46. Omey-cahn 01:32  

    ahaha that was funny. although i wish the answers were at the last. But i got number 4 correct.:) really cool if u have more than please do post it!

  47. Guard13007 05:12  

    Only missed the second one, I'm very good at quick thinking...

  48. viznine 23:54  

    Omey-cahn } Alright. Thanks for stopping by my blog.. :)

    Guard13007 } Good try dude! ;)

  49. LET IT BE JUST ABOUT ME 09:39  

    Nice queries but did answer to none :D lolzzzz

  50. LET IT BE JUST ABOUT ME 09:40  

    good questions but answered none :D

  51. ashkd 16:24  

    i got all correct.. :-)

  52. LET IT BE JUST ABOUT ME 16:49  

    auwww your smart :D

  53. viznine 01:16  

    LET IT BE JUST ABOUT ME } Please try again! LOL!

    ashkd } Well done! Full marks for you.. :)

  54. Dan 01:41  


  55. megannyo (trashes, blogs, and more) 01:43  

    l got me except for da one where the math comes into place
    tht one was easy

  56. ashkd 17:12  

    Thanks viznine!! :-)


  57. viznine 03:41  

    Dan } Thanks.

    megannyo (trashes, blogs, and more) } Good try buddy!

    ashkd } You are welcome. Take care. ;)

  58. Bem. :) 06:26  

    what a tricky question at least I got one write :))

  59. Valentin Khoo 07:12  


  60. viznine 08:47  

    Bem. :) } That's good.

    Valentine Khoo } nice try! :)

  61. Danny 13:14  

    nice blog

  62. viznine 16:57  

    Thank you Danny.. Take care! :)

  63. Piyush 00:03  

    damn it..i didnt get even 1 right..must be i m the dumbest person brain cell have rotten away..kuah kuah..

  64. viznine 08:49  

    Good try Piyush. :)

  65. BALAJI K 20:01  

    wov! I answered four correctly and immediately. The last one I goofed up!Thanks for this ! nice questions!

  66. viznine 07:54  

    You are very welcome. Thanks for stopping by. ;D