internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

internet,information technology,worldwide,news,blogging

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  2. 傻小俊 07:03  

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  3. Alina 09:16  

    Nice pictures! I like your blog!

  4. O Pilha Blogs 09:33  

    Very nice...
    It looks like a M.C.Escher picture...

  5. funkynia 09:35  

    beautiful picture!

  6. SangReal 12:21  

    nice pictures.waiting for newer ones.

  7. Bati 14:41  

    Really interesting post.Football is one of my favourite sports too.

  8. L.U.I.S 15:30  

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  9. Tomas Karkalas 15:54  

    Nice blog. The photo just captivates. Thank you for the picture of the fantasy house

  10. Anonymous 16:15  

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  11. Guard13007 02:19  

    Interesting, I've always wanted something to help fix the truck. xD

  12. viznine 03:17  

    Korea-Seoul-Map } You're welcome. I'll visit it later. Have a great day too.

    傻小俊 } I'm also like it dude. :)

    Alina } Thanks. ;)

    O Pilha Blogs } LOL! :)

    funkynia } yes! :)

    SangReal } Thank you. :D

    Bati } I love football too! :)

    L.U.I.S } Thank you so much. ;)

    Tomas Karkalas } Your welcome buddy.

    sport107 } You got to watch it man. :)

    Guard13007 } LOL again! ;)

  13. LifeAfterCollege 03:29  

    Great blog! Lovely photos too!

  14. Longines5 03:33  


  15. Nidal 07:48  

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  16. Anonymous 08:34  

    Nice Blog

  17. Anonymous 09:00  

    I've seen these pics before on fws. however they are worth a chuckle :) those apartments are really something, i think they are apartments :) cya.

  18. Anonymous 09:37  

    I love the floating apartment image but the pony trying to help the mechanic gave me a good laugh!

  19. viznine 16:10  

    LifeAfterCollege } Thanks a lot. ;)

    Longines5 } Hello there. :D

    Nidal } very nice.. :)

    Jaspreet Sasan } Thank you so much. :)

    vicky } cya too.. ;) } LOL! :D

  20. Puça 21:36  

    I like the horse mechanic, looks very professional!!

  21. viznine 04:00  

    Puca } LOL! :D

  22. Dav DiDi 10:16  

    First photos is nice

  23. iWaka91 - TOTO 14:53  

    great blog.... INDONESIAN here... get friends... :)

  24. kil 19:56  

    amazing blog...keep up the good work...

  25. viznine 04:43  

    Dav DiDi } nice to see.

    iWaka91 - TOTO } Thanks. ;)

    kil } Thank you so much dude. :)

  26. Anonymous 10:53  

    Nice blog. The photo just captivates... I like this!!!

    Kisses from Argentina


  27. Anonymous 13:19  

    Nice picture

  28. Té la mà Maria - Reus 16:37  

    very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  29. Accro Shopping 18:03  

    Wow it's great!

  30. Snowbrush 18:06  

    Wow--what a building! Apartments, I assume.

  31. LSDiesel 18:11  

    Its funny how friendly people are on a blog site, especially in leaving comments. There are so many different countries represented in just the comments section alone, yet when we try do organized communication from country to country, somebody usually ends up getting bombs dropped on their heads.

    Oh dear. I guess the way to solve the worlds problems is for each country to have their own designated blog and just settle their differences through blog comments.

    Oh yeah, and cool pictures too.

  32. jestemtymkimchce 18:50  

    very interesting photos. :)

  33. maichel 21:55  

    beautiful picture! waiting for newer ones

  34. Tacos 22:24  


  35. viznine 03:21  

    Ana } Thanks. :)

    Gavo } very nice. ;)

    Té la mà Maria - Reus } Thank you. :)

    Accro Shopping } so great. :)

    Snowbrush } Probably. :)

    LSDiesel } To solve it just use english for any comment. ;)

    jestemtymkimchce } so interesting. ;)

    maichel } I'll post it later. Thanks and take care. ;)

    Tacos } Hi there. ;)

  36. Winnie Lucy Sheh 05:08  

    just pass by randomly:P
    anyway the first picture is so cool where's it?

  37. viznine 05:14  

    Somebody told me that it's in Montreal. I don't know the truth but you have to find out buddy. :)

  38. Unknown 06:26  

    hey! interesting pictures! really.... Thanks for sharing this. :)
    The houses, are they houses? hehehe I'm not even sure. LOL

  39. Amber 06:30  

    The place in the first picture is called Habitat 67.
    It was designed by Moshe Safdie for Expo ‘67 in Montreal, Canada.
    It was put up to dress up the scenery, it’s Designer/architect has won prizes for it’s design, each”Unit” was pre assembled (Concrete) and was laid in a specific pattern such that each Unit is part of the structural integrity. After 42 years it’s as solid as ever, some concrete had to be patched, but on a minor scale only. The pre assembled and designed in Quebec.

  40. Jubble 06:33  

    wow those photos are soooo cool.
    i especially like the building tht like has holes in it! lol its awesome!
    i love football 2 infact im going to a tournement in the capital city and there might be scouts for professional teams!

  41. viznine 06:39  

    Jubble } I'm also love that pictures.. :)

  42. viznine 06:42  

    Unknown } LOl. According to Amber statement that houses are old mansion in Montreal, Canada. There you go. Nice designed. :)

    Amber } Thanks for your information. I appreciate it buddy. :)

  43. [A.M.D] 15:07  

    I love this buildling and very nice blog

  44. [A.M.D] 15:08  

    verry nice

  45. addicted to life 17:13  

    very interesting building!
    as amber says it's about 40 years old!!!

  46. koyuzu 17:18  

    i like your blogs!
    i like house's picture:)

  47. Interesting ideas 18:36  

    That is a neat picture. Isn't there a lot of wasted space in this building design, though?

  48. D.J. 20:06  

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  49. Kong Jack 21:15  

    How great :)

  50. viznine 23:38  

    [A.M.D] } Thanks. :)

    addicted to life } You're right. ;)

    koyuzu } Thanks a lot. I do hope you come again. :)

    Interesting ideas } Yeah. A lot of wasted space but nice designed. ;)

    Kong Jack } Really great. :)

  51. dickchou 02:00  

    Very nice and interesting pictures.
    welcome to Shanghai.

  52. viznine 07:13  

    dickchou } Thank you. :)

  53. florence 10:48  

    you've got amazing photo, great,
    i enjoyed

  54. viznine 11:13  

    Thanks florence. That's the way i wanna it. :)

  55. Justin 15:19  

    What a cool Picture!!!! Your blog is pretty cool hey!!

    I'm developing my blog now...

  56. viznine 15:25  

    Thanks. Go for it man. Happy blogging! :D

  57. Rere Capulet 16:33  

    Wow is it a horse on that car?

  58. viznine 16:45  

    Rere Capulet } No. It's buffalo. ;)

  59. waiting4love 19:12  

    Great blog! The pictures are wonderful!

  60. business and marketing 20:27  

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    i add it in my favorite list

  61. Mariah Kinnley 00:08  

    This one looks like a piece of art more than of a living place.

  62. viznine 00:11  

    waiting4love } Thanks. Are you waiting for love, right? LOL! :D

    business and marketing } Thank you for that. I appreciate it dude. ;)

  63. Marge 05:30  

    Way cool. I need more information on this apartment building, house? Thanks for the photo.

  64. viznine 08:16  

    Your welcome Merge. Amber had explain it on the previous comment. I hope you can find it. :)

  65. REGY 16:31  

    Fantastic pictures...!!!!

  66. Zaid Hussain 19:25  

    Nice pictures! I like your blog!

  67. girlofmanycolors 19:26  


  68. Askforhrd 19:28  

    good one

  69. viznine 19:42  

    REGY } You're truly right. ;)

    Zaid Hussain } Thanks. :)

    girlofmanycolors } Yes girl! =)

    Askforhrd } really good. :D

  70. Meera Das 13:53  

    Wow!!!!! Great Pics, yaar!!!! what's that place, the first pic??? It's a striking beaut!!!
    keep posting such pics, thank you!!

  71. viznine 15:23  

    You're welcome. :)

  72. Anonymous 13:21  

    very weird home...

  73. viznine 07:59  

    SmartyMe } hahaha! that's right. ;)

  74. Anonymous 19:57  

    Is this really real??

  75. viznine 11:50  

    Absolutely dude! :)