Have you been bothered that you spend longer and longer time in booting and starting your computer? It is quite normal for any user that computer speed is slowing down and it is hard to find any specific reason responsible for that. Actually, sometimes, you just need to do some minor changes of your computer and regain high speed of your computer.

First of all, open "System Properties" > "Advanced"> "Startup and "Recovery"> "Setting", cross two ticks in "System Startup", but multi-systems users can remain the tick of "Display the time of operating systems list", and then click "Edit" to make sure that the secondary property is /fastdetect but not /nodetect. And, do not add the property of /nodetect, because guiboot will be used later.

Secondly, set pre-reading in order to improve boot speed.

Click "Start" > "Run", type "regedit" to enter into "Registry", and find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Session Manager/Memory Management/PrefetchParameters. Then, find "EnablePrefetcher" in the right window, change its value to 1 (0-disable pre-read, 1-pre-read application, 2-pre-read system startup, 3-both pre-read). If your computer is above PIII 800MHz, you can change value to 4 or 5.

By following above steps, you can enjoy the high speed of re-starting your computer. Besides, there is a way to help you speed up the startup of your system.

First, open "System Properties" > "Advanced"> "Startup and "Recovery"> "Setting", and add /noguiboot to fastdect. By doing this, it does not display any scroll bar when starting your computer. But, if you really like the scroll bar, it is unnecessary for you to do this step.

Second, click "Start"> "Run", type msconfig so you can open MSCONFIG. Then, click "start". In the option, you may find it contains all the applications during operating Windows. Here, you can delete any application as long as you want because there is not any vital application for Windows. Besides, if your computer is still running slow, you may try to close system restore, hibernate support or automatic update. It may assist you in improving your computer speed.

But, if your computer is the later version of windows2000, there is no msconfig. So, you are supposed to download a professional startup manager tool to help you speed up your computer.

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    Hi is this instruction for a windows computer? I have a windows computer and have run disk defragment 4 times and it is still slow. There is 65gig of unused space on the computer. I have tried to search for 'system properties' but can't find it. What should I do to make my computer actually work faster? Please help :)

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    Anonymous } Yes my dear. There are several ways to do that such as using disk cleanup to delete unused items, delete unimportant programs, using scandisk and disk defgrament and other ways. ;)

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