A clerk job interview

Posted by viznine | 11:36 AM

A boss has to interview four girls for a clerk's position. He thought of a question

and asked each one of them:

Boss : "A woman normally has two mouths, What's the difference between the two?"

The first one answered : One can talk but the other can't.

Second answered : one is vertical and the other is horizontal.

Third answered : one is hairy, the other isn't.

The last one answered : One is for my use and the other is for my boss.

Boss : You're hired !!

  1. Anonymous 15:51  

    lol! True though.

  2. viznine 01:48  

    That's true. :)

  3. Sri 07:54  

    Haha, that's what happening!

  4. viznine 07:57  

    Aha, You knew it! lol! :D

  5. manisku 13:08  

    Nice Blog
    hello, Thanks for sharing the hints above.....
    And I love you background..... blessings


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  6. viznine 06:26  

    You are welcome. :D

  7. ibnusaheed 20:41  

    Your core idea has to really appreciated. Very good

  8. viznine 08:35  

    hahaha! really funny dude. ;)