Have you noticed that your PC starting to run slow? Does it suddenly freeze up when you open browsers or programs? Does the monitor suddenly turn black when you open some folders and end up restarting by itself.

You can solve this problem all on your own. You do not need to call a technician. With just a few simple steps, you can do this.

1. One of the biggest causes of a slow computer is having a virus on it. Most people view viruses as just destructive, but first they just slow your computer right down, as they alter and tamper with files, and then eventually do the real damage and stop your computer running properly at all and corrupt windows, until eventually windows fails to start.

Many people making the mistake of not updating their antivirus software or making sure it is enabled. Once you install it you need to run a full scan on your computer once a week and check to make sure it is enabled every day. Some malicious software will turn it off.

2. Once you have done this you need to run a check on windows to make sure there are no file errors. One of the biggest mistakes people make occurs right here and they do not know about it.

What happens is this, if you have a virus on your computer and you run this step first, it will think there is file corruption, when there is not and report vital windows files as unrecognised and try to repair them. Once this happens and you restart your computer windows will fail to start. Run the virus scan first.

To run this check you go to the windows start menu then to run and type in cmd. This will bring up a box. Type in there chkdsk /f. You will get a message asking if you want to run this on restart and type yes and then restart your PC.

3. The last and the most important step you need to take is to run a free registry scan. This will reveal all the problems that are slowing down your computer. If you are getting error messages you can fix them when you run a free registry scan. Fixing these errors just takes minutes and prevents any further problems with your PC and will make it run fast again.

Credit to author : Brad Amstrong

  1. Gaia 20:06  

    wow thanks for sharing this...am gonna do that my pc had turned out to process very slowly these days...cheers:-)

  2. viznine 08:31  

    Thanks. ;)

  3. Anonymous 20:58  

    That's what I am looking for. Thanks for that good tips.