It is common that most users have found their computers running slower and slower, but some of them do not take it seriously. Instead, they continue to use their PCs without taking any action to solve it. In fact, such tiny problems may pile up and lead to serious consequence. So, you should make conventional optimization from time to time so as to speed up your computer.

There are four steps recommended about how to make conventional optimization to help you in order to optimize your computer system.

Firstly, right-click "My computer" to enter into "System Properties">"Advanced">"Error Reporting" and choose "Disable error reporting" and then click "Startup and Recovery">"Setting", cross "Write an event to the system log", "Send an administrative alert" and "Automatically restart" and set "Write debugging information" to "none".

Secondly, move "My documents" to other districts:
Right-click "My documents"> "Properties"> "Move" and choose a folder outside of the system disks.

Thirdly, move IE temporary folders to other districts:
Open IE browser, click "Tools"> "Internet options" > "General" >"Browsing history"> "Setting" >"Move folder", and choose the locations outside system disks to save such folders.

Fourthly, start DMA mode in the computer hard drive to speed up the hard disk and your computer performance:
Open "control panel" > "Performance and Maintenance" > "system" > "hardware" > "device manager", expand the sub-branch of "diskette driver", double-click the icon of udma hard disk driver into "properties"> "setting" > "options" and tick in the "dma" item. And then click OK to close all dialog boxes and restart your computer.

But, if your computer disk drive is WDC WS1600JS-00NCB1, you may NOT set DMA in diskette drive by the above means. You are supposed to set in "IDE ATA/ATAPT controller". Pull down the menu, right-click "secondary IDE channel" to choose "properties">"advanced setting", and you can set up here. The "main IDE channel" is set in the same way.

The methods mentioned above are just to help you do certain computer optimizations. To holistically increase your PC performance, you need to optimize your registry and clean out invalid, missing and junk registry keys.

Credit to author : Arial Green.

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